04/20/2008 3:45pm

Well, we finally had our child! Violet Isabella Merlo was born on 3/7/08 and was 6 lbs. 10 oz. at birth. She's so cute!

In Fracas news, the developers of an open-source Fracas project got in touch with me this week and they are busy porting Fracas to run under GPLv3! The goal is to make it run on many platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It's completely playable at the moment and more features are being worked on too. Head on over to www.openfracas.org and check it out! Pretty cool. And a bit flattering.

06/04/2007 6:18pm

Howdy folks! Jason here.

I've been getting several Emails lately asking what's up with Fracas. Well...

I think about it a lot, but I haven't really touched much code in the last couple of months. Work combined with sleep seems to just eat up all of my time. It's really as simple as that.

Some people have suggested that I release the VB6 source code for Fracas 2.0 so an inventive entrepreneur can patch up some of those distracting bugs and add the features you've been wanting.

So, after a couple hours of scouring backup CDs, you may consider it released.
You'll find it on the Fracas page.

I would only ask that no one charge money for any derivative works. Fracas has always been, and always should be free, quality entertainment.
It's my baby. My first baby. My first real baby. So please be nice to my first real baby.

A big thanks to all you Fracas-fans out there for being patient, and enjoy!

04/08/2006 6:37pm

Well, hello there! Thanks for visiting. I've decided to clean up the Smozzie home page a bit. You can find the old one here.

Thanks to everyone who's still downloading Fracas 2.0 -- and it means a lot that you folks are still coming to this site to check on any Fracas news. All I can say is that yes, a new .NET version of Fracas is coming in the future, but no, it's nowhere near ready yet. I do have my development journal, though, so I thought in the absence of any new playable code I could at least share some of the creation process with you. Here is a link to a zip file that contains a word document with my daily notes through August of last year.


- Jason

Please address all Emails to Jason at jmerlo@austin.rr.com.