06/26/2001 6:15pm

We've been invaded by the mother-in-law's dogs this month.

Clockwise from left: Mac Dandy, Ozzie, Chula, and Lady.

Click the thumbnail for the full image.

04/10/2001 7:12pm

Snapped a few funny pics today. Click the thumbnail for the full image.

How could you NOT love this dog?

Mac steals Ozzie's spotlight.

Hmmm. Mac and Ozzie, um, play while Pinky looks on.

03/27/2001 9:15pm

I'll be adding to this and other sections of this website as I find time. In the meantime, here's a cute picture of the newest addition to our little family, Mac Dandy!

03/03/2001 6:35pm

If you've been to our old site, you know how much we love our animals.

Coming soon: Bowie, Ozzie, Pinky, and Mac show their stuff!

You can still see some kwazy animal antics at our old site.

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