Entries into the competition are now closed. The qualifying round will be played Feb 4 - Feb 10 with the championship match to be held the week after.

Round 1:
  • Tournament
  • Single Player

  • Championship:
  • Tournament
  • Single Player

  • Here are the rules under which the ladder will operate:
    1. Every game in a given round will use an Identical map and settings... this map will be provided by me.

    2. Each round (except maybe the final) will have three human participants and three computer participants.

    3. The three computer personalities will be determined by me and preloaded on the map.

    4. No map setting should be changed under ANY circumstances.

    5. The last human player alive will advance to the next round.

    6. The winner of the map (whether it's a human or computer) will receive a "win" all others will receive a "loss"

    7. By this logic a human will always advance, but might not get a "win" in their statistics.

    8. Each round will have one week (?) to be played.

    9. Winners/Scores must be turned in by midnight (Eastern) at the end of the week.

    10. Each player should submit the winner and advancer, and scores of all human players.

    11. Rounds will be determined and seeds will be determined by me using win/loss and score.

    12. All maps will be 800x600.

    Comments on these rules are welcome.
    Updates will be posted here and emailed to challenge participants.

    It would be nice to be able to start by February, but we'll start sooner if the response is good so sign up now!