Fracas 2.0

Fracas is a strategy game of tactical combat and world conquest. In Fracas, up to six human or computer players duke it out over land and water. Players deploy troops and build ports to attack opponents' countries and defend their own. Fracas now supports network play over a LAN, so you can play with your friends, too.

Everything in Fracas is customizable! The maps in the game are always random, allowing players to continually explore the tactical advantages of new worlds. The parameters that govern the size, shape, and mechanics of the world are tunable by the user. There are also multiple computer 'personalities' to play against. With so many options, it's easy to get addicted!

There is also a fully-functional map editor for Fracas.
Genesis, written by Pete Holiday, allows you to create your own custom maps!

Download Fracas 2.0 now!

Pick a download site from the list below. After saving the.exe to your hard drive, just run it and follow the prompts to install Fracas.

Download Fracas from
Download Fracas from Mirror 1

Download the Help File (included in the above download)

Fracas 2.0 Resources

Download the Fracas source code! It runs in Microsoft Visual Basic version 6.

NOTE: This source code is being offered free of charge for personal use. Feel free to explore and update Fracas, but selling this work or any derivative thereof is forbidden. (Fracas is always free! Thanks, and enjoy. -- Jason)

Download Genesis, the Fracas map editor, written by Pete Holiday. Updated 1/18/02.
Got a map you want others to try? Zip and Email it to the address below!

Download some homebrew maps from other users!

You can view logs of the Fracas 2.0 development cycle on the Fracas 2.0 BETA Progress Page.

Also, be sure to check in with your fellow Fracas addicts on The Fracas Message Board.

Frequently Asked Questions / Known Issues

Q: What platforms are supported?

A: Fracas is written in Microsoft VB6. It will run on any Windows 9X system, and it has been tested under Windows NT 4.0 with service pack 6a installed. Windows 2000, ME, and XP beta testers have reported no serious problems running Fracas 2.0 on those operating systems. Fracas has not been tested on Windows CE. Reports indicate that it is playable under Linux as well, using Wine.

Q: The game text is too large or I can't see it at all. Also, the last player's stats aren't visible. How do I fix this?

A: This is because your desktop is set at something other than "Small Fonts." To fix it, right-click out on the desktop somewhere and choose Properties. Then select the Settings tab, and click the Advanced button. In the dropdown at the top of this dialog, be sure that "SmallFonts" is selected.

Q: I'm getting an error related to .dll or .ocx versions. Which versions of these controls will work with Fracas 2.0?

A: This happens on older computers usually. You'll need to manually register the .ocx or .dll files that Fracas is complaining about. To do this, copy the specified file from your Fracas install folder to your Windows/system folder (or WinNT/system32 if you're running Windows NT). Then go to Start->Run and type "regsvr32 filename" without the quotes and with the file name in place of filename -- no path is required. Once that's done, the error will go away!

The reason for this problem is that when installing 1.2, we used to replace all the controls on the target system automatically. This would cause problems with newer machines running programs that were expecting newer versions of some of these controls. So we decided to irritate people with older machines instead for 2.0. Hopefully this issue will be repaired in a future version of Fracas.

Here is a list of the controls that Fracas uses, and the versions shipped with it.

  • asycfilt.dll, version 2.40.4275, 3/8/99 12:02 PM
  • comcat.dll, version 5.0, 5/11/98 8:01 PM
  • comdlg32.ocx, version 6.00.8169, 12/3/99 7:16:48 PM
  • ctl3d32.ocx, version 2.31.000, 5/11/98 8:01 PM
  • mscomctl.ocx, 6.00.8177, 12/3/99 7:16:50 PM
  • msflxgrd.ocx, 6.00.8169, 6/24/98
  • msvbvm60.dll, 6.00.8176, 6/25/98
  • mswinsck.ocx, 5.00.3714, 1/16/97 9:11:24 AM
  • oleaut32.dll, 2.40.4275, 3/8/99 12:02:26 PM
  • olepro32.dll, 5.0.4275, 3/8/99 12:02:26 PM
  • stdole2.tlb, 2.40.4275, 3/8/99 12:02:26 PM
All of the above files are included in the Fracas 2.0 install program, and are copied to the main Fracas folder. They are not registered on the target system.

Q: Fracas crashes or locks up on me, sometimes in the middle of a game! What gives?

A: All known crashing incidents have been resolved. If your game crashes, report it to the Email address at the bottom of this page.

Q: The computer is way too easy and I beat it almost every game! How do I make Fracas harder?

A: It's time for you to find or recruit others to play a networked game with you! In the meantime, try playing against five computer opponents, and make yourself pick an HQ last. Also try playing against a range of computer personalities instead of just Stonewalls. Try playing with fewer total countries on the map. Make the game as claustrophobic as possible.

Q: I'm having network problems/How do I set up my network?

A: Please don't Email general networking questions to us. There's plenty of other great resources online that can get your PCs talking to each other. On the other hand, if you're getting Fracas ACK errors or are witnessing other strange behavior that isn't related to your network setup, please report it to the Email address at the bottom of this page.

Q: I have a question/suggestion/complaint. How do I contact the developers?

A: Just fire an Email out to the address below. We try to respond to all Emails.

Please address all Emails to Jason at