Fracas 2.0 Map Archive

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Japan by Steve Cook - Updated 10/23/04

Middle Earth by General Kruge - Updated 06/18/04

Risk by General Kruge - Updated 06/18/04
Here is a map of the world, with the country borders laid out like they are in Risk. All the countries are connected like they are in the board game, and I recommend playing it with the reinforcement rate set to 1 per country and the sea power set to 1/10, so as to be as close as possible to the original Risk game.

The United States by Rare - Updated 06/18/04
This accurate map of the United States was made by printing a map of the US and superimposing a grid on top of it.

Hyperspace Hex by Steve Cook - Updated 12/04/02
This map is my first attempt to play with people's minds as they play the game by making each country three hexagons split up in a triangular pattern, and interleaving the patterns. The patterns wrap around east/west boundaries in places where the triangular pattern would naturally extend off the grid. The exception to the triad pattern is the border pieces, which "triangulate" with border pieces on the opposite side of the map, and the 4 corner pieces which are combined to form a single country, and is the only 4 region country on the board. Since the troop counts show up on only one hex, it takes a bit of study to see where the threats really lie. A few well placed large army concentrations can have a strong impact on a large portion of the board. To be honest, I am still not sure how many countries border on any 1 standard country, but I know that it is at least 8.

Pacific Ocean by Steve Cook - Updated 11/25/02
This is a map of north and central Pacific ocean, as well as most of the provinces of China and countries/regions of north Asia, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Obviously, almost all of the islands are very oversized. In many cases, a single 'island' in fact represents an island group. In other cases, there were simply too many islands in a specific region to represent all the islands. I mostly tried to adhere to the potential objective islands for both warring sides during World War II.

Hex Fields by Steve Cook - Updated 11/25/02
An interesting game in itself, or can be used as a basis for translating maps from hexagonal board games. Feel free to use in either capacity. Play-tested only a little bit.

Small Hex Fields by Steve Cook - Updated 11/25/02
Smaller, rougher hexagonal map. Good for map translation. Games on this map can take a LONG time. Play-tested only a little bit.

Grid Map by Steve Cook - Updated 11/25/02
THIS IS NOT A GAME. Rather, it is a game design aid; a 5X5 grid superimposed on the map using a single country as the means to draw the grid. It aids in entering a map from a paper map. It also makes free-handing a large map much easier. Simply fill in and overwrite the grid as you go.

Europa Universalis by Little French Man - Updated 8/26/02
1024x768 map of Europe, with 146 historical territories. Some territories are linked (Gibraltar to Morocco, Istanbul to Thrace, Denmark to Sweden...) to make a more strategic game, and the proportions are slightly skewed to allow for more countries.

Medieval Europe by Martin Sohlström - Updated 8/17/02

The World by Steve Cook - Updated 4/14/02

Europe by Augustinas Zemaitis - Updated 4/14/02

The World by Augustinas Zemaitis - Updated 4/14/02
A saved game scenario is also included -- change the path in the .sav file to the correct path on your machine to use it.

The Middle Kingdom by Steve Cook - Updated 3/4/02
This map is an attempt to represent China, Korea, and Japan in the First Millenium C.E. range. Some of the province names are ancient, others are more modern.

Europe circa 1938 by Steve Cook - Updated 2/26/02
The ww2europe map is Europe circa 1938, before Austria and Czechoslovakia were grabbed by Germany. The vast country of Russia is split into several regions. Libya is also split into 2 regions to reflect the seesaw battle across North Africa. The regionaleurope map is the same, but splits the major countries into smaller regions for more balanced gameplay.

North America by Aaron Stack - Updated 2/2/02

Fracas 2.0 Default map package - Updated 1/18/02